Temporary Personnel


Consider flexible staff during peak productivity periods, seasonal periods or special projects. Temporary personnel reduces cost and fulfills short-term staffing needs.  

A tailored, strategic approach to temporary staffing can help reduce overhead and manage payroll costs. The overall performance of the Company can be improved by scheduling staff only when they are needed, reducing risk and saving time.


Direct Hire


Reduces hiring risks and provides the best matches for your unique workplace needs. Eliminates advertising, recruiting, wading through hundreds of unqualified resumes only to find a handful of appropriate candidates to pre-screen and interview. RHA will simply send you qualified candidates to interview, so all you have to do is choose the best personality fit for the position.



Save time and money that would otherwise be spent advertising, interviewing, hiring and even firing. Our temp-to-hire helps companies make confident hiring choices.  Before making the final decision, candidates can work in the office for an extended period of time without making a commitment to hire until you are certain the fit is right.







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